Simply Foods

COVID-19 Safety Plan

The goal of our safety plan is to reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission as well as to reduce the risk of the virus spreading through droplets in the air, implementing protocols to protect against the identified risks.

Different protocols offer different levels of protection. Wherever possible, we will use the protocols outlined that offer the highest level of protection for our staff and partners at Simply Foods.

  • Facemask/face covering – All members and their guests must wear a mask (facial protection/approved PPE) when they are inside Prep facilities and likely to be within 2m/6ft of another person. Where distancing of 2m/6ft is not possible PPE will be expected. PPE to be provided by each company for all their employees.
  • Daily Health Screening Checklists – Every member/employee who enters YVR Prep will be required to complete a health survey before entering the facility. There is a online form that can be filled out on your phone
  • If you are unable to fill this out on your phone you must contact Simply management before entering the facility.
  • Guests and non-members – No guests or non members with the exception of public health officers may enter the facility without prior notification to YVR Prep Management. All visitors will need to fill out a daily health check before entering the building (Delivery drivers are NOT permitted in the building).
  • Handwashing – Frequently! We have hand sanitizing dispensers throughout, but good old soap & water throughout your shift is the most effective means to prevent transmission.
  • Station sanitizing – Prep staff is regularly sanitizing common areas and high touch points throughout the day. We have cleaners and dish washing staff to assist in daily cleaning as well. Simply Staff is required to be doing all their station disinfection and cleaning as required by YVR Members.
  • Disinfectant/Virucide: We have additional added an approved peroxide disinfectant to kill human corona virus (Keystone Peroxide Disinfectant). Ready to Use for our members in the upstairs shared common office areas. YVR Prep staff will be using this for non-food production areas. This product is NOT suitable in FOOD areas. Used for all high touch point areas that include doorknobs, carts, doors (coolers and otherwise, handrails, sink faucets, paper towels dispensers, dishwashing areas, bathrooms, lights. Anywhere a hand is touching that is a non food area we are sanitizing with Peroxide cleaner). Instructions are outlined in our up to date sanitation plan. This will be done 6 times daily.
  • Upstairs office – ONlY 1 person per table. Maintaining 6ft distance at all times. Members are asked to sanitize before and after use of tables in the office.
  • No eating or drinking on the kitchen floor – This applies to both cold and main kitchens
  • Stay home – If you’re sick, feeling/showing symptoms, or still recovering from a recent illness, please don’t risk it or put everyone else’s health at risk. Return only when you’re 100%
  • Physical distancing – Whenever possible, keep a 2m/6ft distance from your neighbours, even during meetings and breaks.
  • Less busy later in the day – A reminder that our kitchen operates 24/7. If physical distancing is a concern, it tends to be less busy after 3:30pm.
  • Until further notice, events in our space are NOT allowed.
  • If anyone has any questions and concerns about COVID 19 or the risks, procedures or protocols at YVR Prep in response to COVID 19 please see Ryan, Jason or Josh
  • Information will be displayed throughout the kitchen. YVR owners having regular check ins with business owners each day.